NANI MO events were semi-regular club nights before the plague at the club MONOKEL in Ljubljana. They started out of desire to breathe a fresh air of sound into the Ljubljana’s clubbing. The guest DJs were handpicked for the individuality of their voices or openness to explore. Therefore, they were encouraged to try out new things, experiment and express themselves.

They were curated by Gašper Torkar and organized with friends. Its visual identity was taken care of by Liara T’Soni, a graphic designer and a VJ.

25th OCTOBER 2019
Estera, Futon, Torkar, Liara T’Soni

31st MAY 2019
Volk, N/OBE, NinaBelle, Torkar, Estera

5th APRIL 2019
Kuthi Jinani (live), Torkar, Estera, R36, Liara T’Soni

25th JANUARY 2019
R36, Volk, Estera, Torkar, Liara T’Soni

7th SEPTEMBER 2018
R36, Tetsuo, Torkar, Liara T’Soni

29th JUNE 2018
DJ0, R36, Torkar, Tetsuo, Liara T’Soni