art projects

Selected art project collaborations.

Wanda’s (2023)

London 2023

An exhibition by Nana Wolke. Paintings & video.

Author: Nana Wolke
Composer: Gašper Torkar
DOP: Leslie Y. Lin
Creative Director: Lusha Alic

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Wanda’s trailer

Face or Factory (2020-ongoing)

Kapelica Gallery
Ljubljana 2020

Ongoing project combining bioart, database/archive, and multimedia.

Authors: Eva Smrekar & Aljaž Rudolf
Sound: Gašper Torkar
Animation: Lara Reichmann & Jan Krek

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Sounds of Changes & ICYDK (2018)

Technical Museum of Slovenia & Museum of Transitory Art
Bistra, 2018

A two channel and a four channel sound installations at the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

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The recordings created within the project are an excellent starting point to explore a foreign soundscape – the past. Each recording contains its own physical space, weight, movement and significance. Through specific modes of listening they are also a kind of music in themselves, but when you add into the process modern digital devices and composition techniques, then it is possible to reveal hidden worlds which have their own weight, movement and space. In these foreign and yet still accessible worlds meaning is formed in a new and unknown way.

Gašper Torkar – notes on the project, excerpt

Niti sled // Neither Trace (2017, 2019)

Kiblix Festival
Maribor, 2017

IZIS Festival
Izola, 2019

An intermedia art installation.

Life should be lived as a secret. Unspeakable,
unspoken. Communicated through a misunderstanding,
unuttered. It is where freedom is:
leaving behind
not a trace.

Jan Krmelj – project poem excerpt

Gašper Torkar // music, video
Andrej Koruza // sculpture, mechanism
Jan Krmelj // concept, installation design
Nika Erjavec // sculpture, photography

Cabinet of Curiosities (2017)

Museum of Architecture and Design
Ljubljana, 2017

An intermedia art installation for the Community Kit group exhibition.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about.
There is room here to breathe.
The distance is saturated with potentiality.
Someday we will meet.
There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Gašper Torkar – excerpt from the video essay

Gašper Torkar // video essay
Aljaž Rudolf // installation design
Urška Preis // field recordings, photography, prints